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August 12, 2021

Zeus starts the second phase of the works of its headquarters in La Marina de Valencia

The Zeus and Sesame technology teams are now more than settled in their new facilities located in La Marina de Valencia. Both companies, with a team […]
August 12, 2021

Zeus starts the second phase of the works of its headquarters in La Marina de Valencia

The Zeus and Sesame technology teams are now more than settled in their new facilities located in La Marina de Valencia. Both companies, with a team […]
August 10, 2021

Rehametrics: virtual rehabilitation software using video game techniques

Physical and cognitive rehabilitation is a long and repetitive process that can reduce patient motivation. Rehametrics is a platform that uses gamification techniques focused on the […]


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  • We are convinced that the future, and the present, of Valencia is to be a city at the forefront of innovation.
    Pilar Bernabé
    Responsable del Área de Desarrollo Innovador de los Sectores Económicos y Empleo del Ajuntament de València
  • Raúl Martín
    Valencia has a compact, integrated and incipient ecosystem that covers all stages of startup development including talent, funding, a vibrant and collaborative environment and a strong public and private sector commitment.
    Raúl Martín
    Director General de KM Zero
  • Francisco Estevan
    In Valencia talent is creative, it connects, it flows. We are the best at inventing new things and trying them out quickly. Valencia offers something you can neither acquire nor create: passion for the new, acceptance of risk, courage...
    Francisco Estevan
    CEO de Innsomnia
  • Jaime Barba
    In Valencia we are leaders in the water sector. The spirit of the Levante Mediterranean has always been a mixture of engineering knowledge and commercial spirit. Our technological Universities are powerful and provide us with highly qualified personnel.  
    Jaime Barba
    Director de innovación disruptiva y transformación digital de Global Omnium
  • Ángel Buigues
    The Valencian ecosystem has competitive and sustainable advantages: the talent that comes out of universities, the Valencian business fabric that acts as a tractor for new initiatives, and very important, the existence of some success stories that generate credibility and that together with the dynamism of the city already exert an attraction for entrepreneurs and investors from outside.
    Ángel Buigues
    BStartup Advisor
  • The creative and innovative capacity of the city, together with the talent of the digital experts trained in Valencian universities, such as telecommunication engineers, make Valencia the ideal place for the implementation of technological start ups, a fact that is already a reality.
    Carolina Pascual
    Consellera de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital
  • Valencia is becoming, with everyone's effort, a pole of attraction for companies and knowledge thanks to a constantly evolving ecosystem, a very powerful academy capable of generating talented professionals, institutions focused on the project and a very dynamic, collaborative civil society with a clear entrepreneurial vocation.
    Alejandro Blasco
    Presidente del Colegio Oficial de Ingeniería Informática de la Comunitat Valenciana
  • Javier Jiménez
    Entrepreneurship in Valencia is a very good option; the city shows its potential through the Marina de Valencia where you can find the entrepreneurial pole Marina de Empresas in addition to other entities that encourage entrepreneurship. Its location by the sea, its climate and its young atmosphere make it an excellent choice.  
    Javier Jiménez
    Director General de Lanzadera
  • Javier Ferrer
    Valencia is one of the best entrepreneurial cities in Europe due to its talent, its ecosystem, its infrastructures, of which its port hub would stand out, as well as its climate, leisure and unique gastronomy.
    Javier Ferrer
    CEO de WiTraC
  • Paloma Más
    Today, Valencia has a determining factor to carry out a technological project: a strong and connected community that allows immediacy at the time of needing help and connections. And, as time is money, it becomes a unique quality for a startup.
    Paloma Más
    Plug and Play Spain
  • Héctor Badal
    Valencia has one of the most important ingredients when it comes to launching a company: a great talent very focused on technological development and at a very competitive cost. To this must be added a flourishing ecosystem and a city very well connected with the main European capitals.
    Héctor Badal
    COO & Cofounder de Yeeply
  • Margarita Albors
    The startup community in Valencia is very strong, very united and very welcoming. There is a real collaboration between ecosystem actors which makes it easier for those who land here and connect with one member of the community to easily access others.
    Margarita Albors
    CEO de Social Nest