Bounsel, intelligent contract management powered by AI

Bounsel is an AI-powered collaborative end-to-end intelligent contract management platform. The platform enables error-free document creation by automating the entire process through interactive forms; real-time collaboration on document editing and sharing with external users; stress-free control of contract lifecycle, changes, comments, approvals; secure signing through its advanced electronic signature with biometrics; and a 100% digital experience in one place.

Pilar Prados, founder of the company, worked in Brazil for three years. “From São Paulo I channelled Spanish investment in Latin America. With the time difference, I woke up every morning with more than 100 e-mails to read. Some of them were not even addressed to me, but I had to read them because otherwise I could lose the thread of the negotiation and the changes. I used to write the contracts in Microsoft Word with copy-paste and lots of interruptions. I remember losing more than 2 hours a day just cleaning my inbox. The whole process was really chaotic,” says Pilar herself. One day, talking to her partner Marcos Sanz, a senior fullstack developer, computer engineer from the UPV and entrepreneur, she explained to him how companies managed contracts. His answer: “Why don’t we make contracts more connected, more intelligent and more human? And so Bounsel was born.

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