Investing in Valencia

Valencia, the best investment

Valencia is a land of opportunities, resources and strengths that favours investment. It is a highly competitive, business-minded and innovative city that excels from others.

It is the third largest city in Spain and the hub of a region renowned for its great industrial and scientific production, its talent and exports. Valencia is a region that positively inspires the spirit of business, design and innovation. There is a strong public and private commitment to transforming Valencia into an international hub for technological development and innovation.

It enjoys a strategic geographical location, powerful infrastructures and connections and a great cultural heritage. The city ranks among the top 15 in terms of lifestyle, good climate, gastronomy and closeness to the sea, factors that make it a good place to live in. It is conveniently connected to Madrid and Barcelona and has numerous international air connections.

Valencia means quality of life and business. Our past, the heritage of different cultures, together with our industrial tradition and our export capacity, converge in a consolidated present and a future of growth and stability.

Valencia offers all that is needed and is open to attracting investment for the development of a sustainable future based on the knowledge economy. With an excellent climate, a strategic location, an excellent communications network, modern infrastructures, competitive industrial grounds and well-trained human capital, Valencia is the ideal place to live in and invest.

Some of the most recognised start-up investments are:

Flywire – formerly peerTransfer - with a round of investment of 120 million euros.

Jeff raised over $12 million in investment funds. It's a "super" full-service app for care and wellness, providing everything you need in just one click.

Akamon: it was sold for 23.7 million euros. A video game platform founded by a group of Valencian people.

Beroomers raised 2 million euros in venture capital. A medium-term housing market platform for students and young professionals, present in over 50 destinations around the world.

Codigames had a turnover of more than 44 million euros in 2019. It develops social games for several mobile platforms.

Blinkfire Analytics: it provides a service for measuring and analysing sponsorships in real time. It received a round of investment of 1.34 million euros.

PlayFilm raised over 1 million euros in venture capital.

Thanks to its 8 universities, which generate more than 100,000 students and an average of 3,500 engineering graduates per year, Valencia is considered the national talent factory. It also has the Tech Transfer UPV fund, the first technology transfer fund promoted by a Spanish public university.

Considered the best Erasmus destination in Europe, it was awarded the European Commission's prize for the best programme for attracting talent. Every year, 100 new start-ups are created in the city and around 100 events on entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and innovation are held annually.

In addition, private companies and public institutions work in a coordinated way to promote entrepreneurship, thanks to the strong network that has been built up in recent years, working together towards a better future.